"O KM" rate

We have chosen to use a 0km rate for several reasons. It separates the fixed costs from the variable costs. The 0km fee represents the cost for the time the bikes are rented. The km fee is the variable cost of the bike which includes the cost of services, tyres, and devaluation due to mileage.
The adoption of this systems allows you to save money as you only pay for what you use. Not everybody wants to ride all day for miles and miles, or you may hit a spell of bad weather or be unwell.
If we applied an unlimited km price and for whatever reason you didn't do many km you would have paid the rental and the use of km you never actually ran.

In any case we also offer an unlimited km fee which you can find on the website. For rentals of 3 or more days there will be an unlimited km fee which represents a cap to the amount of km fee we can charge.
There is only an exception to this for the “Old School Ducatis”. These bikes are old and need all the maintenance they require to keep them in good shape.
So you always start with 0km and we add the km charge up to reaching the unlimited km price. If you do more km you are protected by the unlimited km fee. You will not spend more. But if you do less km you will spend for what you use.